Workspace ONE UEM – On-Premise to SaaS Migration

Thinking of moving your On-Premise Workspace ONE Environment to SaaS? Read below for some best practices. Also, for latest information always follow 1. Introduction In order to move to SaaS from On-Premise, it is important to know and understand the process. VMware Professional Services team can help you migrate to the cloud without anyContinue reading “Workspace ONE UEM – On-Premise to SaaS Migration”

Disabling TLS v1.1 for Secure Email Gateway (SEG) on Unified Access Gateway (UAG)

1. Introduction If you are running Secure Email Gateway (SEG) on older versions of Unified Access Gateway (UAG) and have an issue where running a security scan shows TLS v1.0/1.1 as enabled, then you should follow the steps below to remediate this risk. Also, refer the Techzone Article for updated information. In order to disable/updateContinue reading “Disabling TLS v1.1 for Secure Email Gateway (SEG) on Unified Access Gateway (UAG)”