Horizon Certificates to be used after legacy Connector migration from 19.03/ to 22.09 (22.0x)

Introduction Migration of legacy connectors to 22.0x is a separate topic all together and if you’re interested in knowing more about it, kindly check the VMware Document here. This blog covers the use of Horizon Certificates post migration. If your use case has Horizon Virtual apps collection, make sure the connection servers or the Horizon…

Workspace ONE Access Integration with Ping – Logical Workflow

1. Introduction This blog talks about the logical workflow between Workspace ONE Access and Ping (or any Service Provider). You can follow the official VMware documentation that describes the actual Integration process. I’ve noticed that a lot of my customers don’t have a clear understanding on how the federation works. They basically end up loosing…

Workspace ONE UEM – On-Premise to SaaS Migration

Thinking of moving your On-Premise Workspace ONE Environment to SaaS? Read below for some best practices. Also, for latest information always follow 1. Introduction In order to move to SaaS from On-Premise, it is important to know and understand the process. VMware Professional Services team can help you migrate to the cloud without any…

Resolving “There was a problem while getting the AirWatch opt-in status” error while doing an integration between Workspace ONE UEM and Access

1. Introduction Integrating Workspace ONE UEM and Access is the first step to achieving Single Sign On and Identity Management for the users. It gives the users a Unified catalog experience with both UEM and Access applications under one roof. In this blog I will not get into the details of the Integration but will…

Using the VMware Horizon Client for iOS (iPad OS 15)

I’ve been using the iPad for quite some time now and I am absolutely in love with it running iPad OS 15. It is an outright powerhouse and you can get a lot of things done with it. I’ve switched many iPads over the years and I am currently using an 11 inch iPad Pro…

Unlock Unified Access Gateway (UAG) Root Account

1. Introduction VMware has an excellent document on how to reset admin password however, based on my recent experiences, I’ve seen customers running into issues with their root password getting locked out more often than having to reset the admin password. There can be multiple reasons for the root account getting locked. This is quite…

Publishing Custom Baselines with Workspace ONE

1. Introduction Workspace ONE Baselines enforces device security using the recommended industry configurations and settings in order to keep the devices safe and adhere to best practices. Leveraging Baselines can help customers reduce the Admin Overhead to configure and set up Windows devices. a. For Baselines to work, there are 4 main pre-requirements Workspace ONE…

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